Industrial Industry Software Solutions

From our experience working on Internet web software reporting, Turkey's top 500 companies, we not only tourist in Antalya, Yörükoğlu between the productive structure of the industrial companies which are the best Natural Dairy Products Co. In addition to online reporting, it works online with the company's B2B portal web software solution, providing sales from institution to institution. Online collection, which is the most important part of the B2B solution, has been the closest assistant of the Yörükoğlu sales team in online collection in the field. Thanks to the online collection 3D secure system, both the customers and the finance department can see online payments instantly with peace of mind. In this way, all salespeople with limited risks or full quotas waiting in warehouses make immediate payments and manage the risk management themselves. Both the B2B user and the most important departments of companies such as finance need to log into the system just to check.


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